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  • What is the scope of application of hollow plates?

    The application scope of hollow plate is as follows: 1, industrial products: packaging turnover: electronic components packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box partition knife card, anti-static hollow plate turnover box, conductive hollow plate turnover box. 2, bag industry: bag li...
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  • Shandong Runping Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Leads the Way in Innovation and Quality in the Plastic okra crate Market

    In the highly competitive agricultural supply sector, innovation and quality assurance are key drivers of success. Runping Plastic Industry Co., LTD., a leading manufacturer in the industry, has won the appreciation of the market for its pioneering use of hollow plate materials to produce vegetab...
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  • Shandong Runping Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.: Pioneering Excellence in the Plastic Hollow Board Industry

    Shandong Runping Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.: Pioneering Excellence in the Plastic Hollow Board Industry

    Shandong Runping Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, relying on the industrial advantages of Qilu petrochemical base, the rapid rise. This strategic positioning has promoted its rapid development, making it one of the largest producers and sellers of plastic hollow plate industry...
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  • Plastic corrugated box Outperform Traditional Paper Boxes

    In the realm of packaging solutions, a groundbreaking innovation has emerged, revolutionizing the transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables.   plastic corrugated boxes have swiftly risen as the premier choice over conventional paper boxes, offering a multitude of benefits across various...
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  • Leading the Industry with Customized Solutions and Superior Quality Products

    Shandong Runping Plastics Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of products including custom plastic corrugated coroplast advertising board , vegetable boxes, Pp Pallet Layer Pads, and floor protection solutions. Our company prides itself on several key advantages that set us apa...
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  • Packaging


    RUNPING manufactures special packaging products in very large range. Packaged or unpackaged products are transported by these systems. You can use them in heavy industriel areas or smaller trade business. The strongest speciality of plastic is geting powerfull protection...
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