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  • How to choose qualified PP hollow board?

          Hollow plate is also known as pp plastic hollow plate, double wall board and Vantone board, this material is made of polypropylene is a multi-functional plate, it has the characteristics of lightweight, molecular structure stability, etc., in the process of use can ensure the integrity and ...
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  • How to choose hollow plate manufacturers?

         With the rapid development of the economy, hollow board has gradually replaced the traditional paper packaging. Because hollow board is a kind of green environmental protection material, waterproof hollow board, shock-proof hollow board, non-toxic hollow board, environmental protection hollo...
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  • The Wide Application of Plastic Layer pads

    Plastic Pallet Layer Pad is constructed of polypropylene corrugated sheet with four sides and corners sealed or welded.They are designed for safe packing and cost saving transportation of materials by supply chains.Compared to other materials such as cardboard, metal or ...
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  • Temporary flooring protection for your contract flooring project

    Temporary flooring protection for your contract flooring project

    Protection of interior floor finishes is often required on both new and refurbishment projects. Fast track programmes often include floor coverings installed prior to the completion of work by other trades and, to reduce the risk of damage, proper protection materials sh...
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